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A Basic Guide on How Buying Postage Online Works

For many businesses, buying postage stamps is a daily need. Sales can eventually reach a volume where going to the local post office to purchase is a drag on your time and resources. Fear not, small business owner, because your shipping solution may well be buying postage online! Whether you use the US Postal Service official website, or decide to get discount shipping through Pitney Bowes, you can buy and print postage online, to free yourself from the need to mail your business valuable time and money.  Here’s a basic guide to help you buy and print postage online with ease.

Why to Buy and Print Postage Online – the Benefits

There are a number of obvious benefits to using the web for your print and postage needs. The first is merely a matter of convenience. When most of your business is conducted from your computer, running to the shipping store or the post office can become a huge hassle. Why waste your time when it’s easier to purchase web postage from the comfort of your own office chair? Plus, if you’re on the go, just about any computer will do. Virtually any computer that has web access will be suitable. With tools such as expenditure tracking and the ability to virtually save your shipping contacts, you won’t have to worry about the stamps (or your client list) going missing. Secondly, there’s the matter of price. Oftentimes, you’ll find web-based services can offer value-added solutions for your shipping needs. Some even offer a stamp sale from time to time, allowing you to save money while working smarter.

Where to Buy Official USPS Postage Online

A number of web-based online shipping solutions exist for your business.  Naturally, one of the most popular places to buy USPS postage is… the USPS website! allows you to purchase and print a shipping label quickly and simply. The US Postal Service also offers a list of its approved shipping vendors, allowing you to price-shop and make a comparison of services. They even allow you to create custom labels for national and international mailing needs. The postal service offers flat rate box options, saving you from the fees of heavier media. To avoid changing rates, you might want to go the Pitney Bowes route. This company offers cheap postage meters and supplies that allow you to calculate and print labels from home. Their free shipping calculator can help you to order the postage you need without having to pay a cent more than what you need to. PayPal and eBay users often use Pitney Bowes for their printing needs.

If You Want to Buy Postage Stamps Online, Shop Around!

No one solution is the best for every consumer. To determine the best online postage service to meet the monthly needs of your business, shop around. Read reviews of the shipping company that you ultimately decide to trust with your service, compare each fee tacked onto their service, and see where added values might save you some money. If you’re sending a lot of packages internationally, make sure that the country’s mail service does not add additional fees to their service – Royal Mail in England works differently from the USPS! Think about whether it’ll save you money in the long term to buy a shipping meter rather than purchasing individual labels.

Bottom Line: When You Buy Postage Stamps Online, Don’t Overpay

The obvious reason for purchasing online postage stamps, ordering flat rate shipping boxes, or springing for your own meter, is that you want to save money. Don’t be left looking at your monthly shipping fees thinking, “I should have shopped around longer!” Chances are you’re not looking pay the same rates you’d pay buying antique stamps from the Scott Catalog. First class stamps can be purchased cheaply and easily – that’s why you looked at online solutions in the first place. With a little bit of effort, and a lot of reviews comparison, you’ll end up saving your business a bundle of money on postage. Look at it as the first step toward smarter business and an increased bottom line!