In a world where there is so much white noise and really horrible tools, there are also some diamonds in the rough. In this info graphic, we break down amazing tools like LiquidPlanner, SEMRush, ahrefs, Clear Books, and many others. We encourage you to check these sites out-and see how you may be able to incorporate them into your business workflow.

Take a look at the graphic, and then be sure to read our detailed reviews below the graphic, at the bottom of this page. Enjoy!

Note: Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you click them and sign up for them, our team will be compensated.  This is how we make our living.  However, these are tools we use every day and they are invaluable.  The affiliate relationships we have with them have no bearing on them appearing here.

best online business tools - usps stamps and more

From purchasing postage stamps online to sharing files, these tools will change your world.


LiquidPlanner is an amazing project management tool perfect for when teams have projects that regularly change in scope. We have been amazed to see how the system works when priorities change. Because it’s “liquid” in nature, and you assign a specific number of working hours per day that someone has to get projects completed, the system automatically fills your schedule based on layered priorities. It’s truly magical, and you can try it for free.


This tool is so special because it allows you to do so many things. There are probably some companies in your industry that have done a great job of marketing their website. And, think about this, many of them are probably spending money on paid search. Why waste money building your own paid search campaigns, when SEM Rush will tell you the specific phrases that your competitors are buying online? Learn from their mistakes, and start with the phrases that they are currently marketing. You can even see what pages your competitors are sending traffic to who search for these phrases. That way, you can start by where there stopping, learning from what they’ve already done.

You can also see what the most popular phrases are that people are searching for online as it relates to your business. Truly magical stuff.

And, of course, you can see how many keyword phrases your website’s ranking for in the top 20. This is very valuable information, because unless you’re running some kind of ranking software, you’re not going to see many of these keywords in your analytics account. Analytics is only showing you the phrases that you’re actually getting traffic for, not the ones that are ranking on page 2 in which no one ever clicks on.

Try out SEMRush now.


This amazing tool, allows you to see where your website is being talked about online. Almost every single mention of your website (where there’s a link) will be featured here. In addition, you’ll see an approximate “value” of that link. That’s valuable, but even more valuable, is the fact that you can see where your competitors are being talked about.

In other words, if there’s a competing website who is kicking your butt in the search engines, this tool gives you the ability to see where they’re getting their links from. You can then reach out to those linking sites, and ask them to link to your website as well.


While there are many different online accounting programs, we have found this tool to be the best. With today’s technology, there’s really no reason that bookkeeping should be challenging. If you are a small business owner, imagine when tax time comes and you typically have to spend hours categorizing receipts. The frustration is endless. With clear books, it’ll be as simple as clicking a button. This is definitely something you need to check out.


The reality is, that people want instant gratification. At least we know we do. So, when someone is on your website and they have a question, why not give them an opportunity to speak to you immediately, in that very moment. olark allows you to provide a live chatting solution for those individuals who are on your website and want to talk. The reality of that, is a statistically proven 13% increase in likely spend. If your small business does 100 grand a year-that means you could make an extra $13,000 just by having an online chat solution. That’s a big deal. (You’re here!)

Running to the post office is so out of style. And expensive! actually partnered recently with to offer people a completely free trial of ordering stamps right from their computer. Whether you’re sending packages or individual envelopes, there’s no longer need to drive to the post office, deal with lines, and spend all that extra money.


This tools one of our recent favorites. It’s so simple, yet so needed in so many working environments. Often, project managers and managers of people, wonder what their team is accomplishing. We use this tool in a way where we constantly are adding to the list as we get things done throughout the day, both large and small. You can see, specifically, what your team is working on as they get it done. The best thing, however, is that at the end of a few weeks or months you will have a complete list of all that’s been accomplished. This is really important come review time. It’s also important, if you have a business where things are often changing and delegated items are often added and taken away. It can give you some really clear perspective into the stress your team is feeling.

Text Expander

If you send an incredible amount of emails, chats, etc., you’ll find Text Expander to be very useful. This tool allows you to store the most common phrases and sentences in your emails. This way, as you’re communicating with customers, you’ll be able to insert specific text in specific places that’s relevant to that email without having to type it all out. Huge time saver!


This one has probably gotten more press than any other tool on our list today. Apple even mentioned it in their latest press conference. But, if you haven’t heard about it, Evernote gives you the ability to store an unlimited amount of information in a virtually unlimited way. It modifies itself to work within your workflow, your team’s workflow, in any way you can dream. Save images, websites, infographics (like this one!), and anything else. You can tag, you can note, you can define locations, you can upload a photo. It’s almost endless.


Buffer is a tool that allows you to schedule out social media posts in advance. So, for example, you can grab a bunch of awesome posts and create social media posts mentioning  them, and have it auto schedule over period of time. Or, maybe you have a list of really amazing quotes. You could put these quotes in a list, and then make sure that you’re always tweeting something or posting something to Facebook.

We hope you find these business tools to be useful, and that there are few here you never heard of before!