Founders: A Story of Entrepreneurial Success is a revolutionary online postage service that has changed the way people send mail. It allows users to print postage from their own computers and avoid the hassle of going to the post office. But have you ever wondered how this innovative company came to be? In this article, we explore the story of founders and their journey towards entrepreneurial success.

The Beginning of A Dream Becomes a Reality

The story of began in 1996, when founders Jim McDermott and Jeff Green had a vision of creating a company that would make it easy for people to buy and print postage from home. At the time, the idea of printing postage from a computer was practically unheard of, but McDermott and Green saw the potential for disruption in the industry.

After conducting extensive research, the founders launched in 1999, offering customers the ability to print postage from their own computers. The service quickly gained popularity among small business owners and home users alike, who appreciated the convenience and flexibility of being able to print postage from their own homes or offices.

Challenges and Triumphs of Growing a Successful Business

As with any new business venture, faced its fair share of challenges in its early years. One of the biggest obstacles was educating customers about the benefits of online postage and how to use the service. McDermott and Green worked tirelessly to promote their product and build a loyal customer base.

Their hard work paid off, and the company continued to grow rapidly. In 2001, went public and became the first company to offer online postage to the public. Over the years, the company has expanded its services to include shipping solutions and e-commerce tools, making it a one-stop-shop for small businesses.

The Legacy of Founders: Lessons in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The story of founders is a testament to the power of entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. McDermott and Green saw a need in the market and took a risk to create a new product that would change the industry. Their determination and hard work paid off, and today is a household name.

Their legacy also serves as a valuable lesson for aspiring entrepreneurs. The founders’ willingness to take risks, think outside the box, and build a loyal customer base paved the way for their success. By using, today’s entrepreneurs can continue to build on the legacy of McDermott and Green and take advantage of the same innovative tools that changed the game in the postage industry.

In conclusion, the story of founders is an inspiring one that demonstrates the power of persistence and innovation. By using, entrepreneurs can take advantage of the same innovative tools that McDermott and Green used to revolutionize the postage industry. Whether you’re a small business owner or just looking for a more convenient way to send mail, is a game-changer that can help you streamline your shipping process and save time and money.