When it comes to shipping packages, many people are looking for an option that is both affordable and fast. UPS 3 Day Select is one such option, offering a balance of cost and speed for those who need their packages delivered within three business days. In this article, we’ll explore what UPS 3 Day Select is, how it works, and the benefits and limitations of using this service. Plus, we’ll show you why using stamps.com can make your shipping experience even easier.

What is UPS 3 Day Select?

UPS 3 Day Select is a shipping option offered by UPS that guarantees delivery of your package within three business days. This delivery time frame is calculated from the day that the package is picked up by the UPS courier, not including the day that it was picked up or weekends and holidays. This service is available for packages that weigh up to 150 pounds and measure up to 108 inches in length and girth combined.

How Does UPS 3 Day Select Work?

To use UPS 3 Day Select, simply select this option when creating your shipping label through stamps.com. You’ll be able to print your label and schedule a pickup, or drop off your package at a UPS location. Once your package is in the hands of the UPS courier, it will be delivered within three business days. You can track the progress of your package using the tracking number provided with your shipping label.

Benefits and Limitations of UPS 3 Day Select

One of the main benefits of UPS 3 Day Select is that it offers a faster delivery time than standard ground shipping, but at a lower cost than expedited options like UPS 2nd Day Air or UPS Next Day Air. This makes it a great option for those who need their package to arrive quickly, but don’t want to pay a premium price for expedited shipping. However, it’s important to note that UPS 3 Day Select is not available for all destinations, so be sure to check the UPS website or consult with a UPS representative to ensure that your package can be delivered within three business days.

In conclusion, UPS 3 Day Select is a great option for those who need a balance of speed and cost when shipping packages. By using stamps.com, you can easily create and print your shipping label, schedule a pickup, and track your package all in one place. Plus, with stamps.com, you can take advantage of discounted rates on UPS services and other carrier options. Give it a try and see how easy shipping can be!